• Salmon Trout Atlantic


    Salmo Trutta

    Whole Head-On Gutted 1 – 2kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Head-On Gutted 2 – 3kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Head-On Gutted 3 – 4kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Head-On Gutted 4 – 5kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Head-On Gutted 5 – 6kg (20-25kg/ctn)

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  • Salmon Atlantic


    Salmo Salar

    Whole Head On Gutted 3 – 4kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Head On Gutted 4 – 5kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Head On Gutted 5 – 6kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless Gutted 3 – 4kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless Gutted 4 – 5kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless Gutted 5 – 6kg (20-25kg/ctn)

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  • Mackerel Saba


    Scomber Scombrus

    Mackerel Saba Whole Round 300-500g (20kg/ctn)
    Mackerel Saba Whole Round 400-600g (20kg/ctn)
    Mackerel Saba Whole Round 600g+ (20kg/ctn)

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  • Herring


    Clupea Harengus

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  • Cod Atlantic


    Gadus Morhua

    Whole Headless Gutted 1 – 5kg (40-50kg/ctn)

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  • Monkfish


    Lophius Piscatorius

    Monkfish Whole Headless,Gutted 0.5 – 1kg (10kg/ctn)
    Monkfish Whole Headless,Gutted 1- 2kg (10kg/ctn)
    Monkfish Whole Headless,Gutted 2 – 4kg (10kg/ctn)

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  • Rainbow Trout


    Onchorhychus Mykiss

    Rainbow Trout Whole Head On,Gutted 240-260g (5kg/ctn)

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  • Haddock


    Melanogrammus Aeglefinus

    Haddock Whole Headless Gutted 0.8 – 1.5kg (20-25kg/ctn)

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  • Lemon Sole


    Pelotretis Flavilatus

    Lemon Sole Whole Head On,Gutted 400-500g (10kg/ctn)

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  • Brill


    Scophthaimus Rhombus

    Brill Whole Head On Gutted 1kg+ (10kg/ctn)

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  • Turbot


    Psetta Maximus

    Turbot Whole Head On,Gutted 1-2kg (10kg/ctn)
    Turbot Whole Head On,Gutted 2-3kg (10kg/ctn)
    Turbot Whole Head On,Gutted 3-4kg (10kg/ctn)
    Turbot Whole Head On,Gutted 4-5kg (10kg/ctn)

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  • Redfish


    Sebastes SPP

    Redfish Whole Round 700g+ (15-20kg/ctn)

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  • Black Cod (Gindara)


    Anoplopoma Fimbria

    Whole Headless,Gutted 5-7lbs (50lbs/ctn)
    Whole Headless,Gutted 7lbs+ (100lbs/ctn)
    Whole Headless,Gutted 10lbs+ (100lbs/ctn)

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  • Saithe


    Pollachius Virens

    Whole Headless Gutted 1 – 3kg (20-30kg/ctn)

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  • Halibut Greenland


    Reinhardtius Hippoglossoides

    Whole Headless Gutted 0.5-1kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless Gutted 1-2kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless Gutted 2-3kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless Gutted 3-5kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless Gutted 5kg+ (20-25kg/ctn)

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  • Chilean Seabass


    Patagonian Toothfish

    Whole Headless,Gutted 1-2kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless,Gutted 2-3kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless,Gutted 3-4kg (20-25kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless,Gutted 4-6kg (25-30kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless,Gutted 6-8kg (30-35kg/ctn)
    Whole Headless,Gutted 8-10kg (30-35kg/ctn)

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