Our Brand

Corporate Values

chef_frankInnovation is a critical value we encourage and physically engender on an ongoing basis. We not only value it, but also we promise it to our customers. To foster this spirit, we promote an internal culture of creativity and free-thinking, and believe in the process of trial-and-error.

Another value we regard highly is teamwork, because it creates the right atmosphere to work towards a common vision. We believe that seamless communication and cooperation will improve the synergy within the company. In addition, we define teamwork as partnership with our customers, the goal being to deliver to their expectations as best we can.

Training and Development of our people is essential. It delivers forward momentum and helps bring about personal growth in committed and qualified individuals. To us engaged employees are central to our competitive advantage.

Valuing People goes hand-in-hand with valuing teamwork and training. These three values demonstrate our companys goal of being successful through engaged and committed employees who we empower to make decisions on their own. Mutual respect is fundamental to this value and extends externally to how we treat our customers.

Brand Personality

As one of the most established companies in its field, Snorre is committed to equipping its employees with industry expertise, as well as providing ongoing learning opportunities that mutually benefit the company, its customers and the industry. For this reason, Snorre is an authority on several relevant subjects among these is coldwater fish and seafood, and freezing technology.

To deliver its declared value of innovation, it is only natural that Snorre exhibit this as a personality trait. If it were personified, Snorre would be both a forward and creative thinker.

Reliability is built into the DNA of the company. It affects all that we do from product safety, to delivery and everything in between. To Snorre, reliability also means being responsible.

Our gourmet tradition and credentials reflects the companys soul. This tradition directs our relentless quest for food creativity, taste and supreme quality, and effectively precludes any consideration to compromise on anything.

Our Mission Statement

To deliver the exceptional magnificent and healthy flavours of Norwegian seafood to tastebuds in all of Asia

The Snorre Promise

Snorre is a Norwegian seafood specialist with a long Gourmet heritage and tradition. Our promise of exquisite taste, quality and continuous innovation is what defines us.

We value our people and we invest in them. It is only through their commitment and dedication and ingenuity that our promise is able to be delivered. We never lose sight of that.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]